Wednesday 2 November 2011

Don't Speak Unless You are Told to

Fellow readers,

Perhaps from this article we can deduce that if you not an architect, do not speak about architecture right? If you are not a doctor, do not cross examine yourself. If you not an engineer do not speak of structural parts.

It's wrong to think that one does not have an opinion over a subject. Maybe wrong to assume but never wrong to voice out our concerns and express our thoughts.

One does not need to read an article like this to be reminded that works of architecture can't be summarized into words:

Field of architecture is an expressive one and the client has share the same amount of ambitiousness. We can read as many theory books about others but it is really down to experiencing the building or space before us that we truly understand.

For this I am inspired to embark onto a massive architectural journey in 2014. I will explore this more in my next entry.

Wednesday 6 July 2011 fast as you can

My latest obsession is running. My target is to run a full marathon. One day. Maybe not this year's Melbourne Marathon. Maybe next year. It depends.

One of the first events I did was Melbourne's Mother's Day Classic. That day we witness about 20,000 Melburnians participated in the event - 8km, 4km and fun walk. A little background of the event can be found here: Mother's Day Classic.

My official personal best on that day was 28:04.7 wearing bib number 5316. I ran for 4km.
Overall placement was 3296
Age division placement was 561
Gender placement was 2316

So what did I get from this? Purely self satisfaction. Just the knowledge that I have only myself to prove to and my personal best just kept getting better. Motivation by self is far more rewarding than external forces.
I will update more with pictures too.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Excerpt from TheStarOnline

Malaysians abroad urged to be tourism ambassadors


DUBAI: Malaysians abroad should play the role of tourism ambassadors in a bid to woo more foreign tourists to the country.
To this end, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said they should be aware of the country's tourism policies, products as well as the future direction of the industry.
"So wherever you are, please do your bit to promote Malaysia so that more tourists will visit our country," she told a gathering with Malaysians at a hotel here Tuesday night.
Present were Malaysian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Datuk Yahaya Abdul Jabar and consul-general in Dubai, Ahmad Fadil Shamsudin.
Dr Ng is leading the Malaysian delegation at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2011 being held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from Monday to Thursday.
A total of 87 government and private organisations from Malaysia are taking part in the event.
Dr Ng said Malaysia received 24.6 million tourists in 2010 and the country aimed to get 25 million tourist arrivals this year.
She said Tourism Malaysia offices were a good source for the latest on the country's tourism industry. - Bernama

p/s: Since this piece of information was released in Dubai, does it apply to citizens also living in other countries? I'm joking! Of course it would, regardless wherever you are, if you hold the passport of a certain country, you are an Ambassador of that country. Refer previous post.